Black and White Childhood

V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #62: child / childhood

By day, holding breath

Insides tremble, muscles clenched

Await next word-blow

Nights soak pillow clutched, mute sobs

Recall each verbal cut, bruise

Black and white childhood

Heart humming blues learned early

Soul’s spine retains bent

©Zael Sealing, 2019 ~ All rights reserved.

36 thoughts on “Black and White Childhood

    • That’s a blessing, if time has given you peace. You’re very fortunate. On a side topic–we’re having a huge thunderstorm here tonight: roll after roll, and the sky lighting up, and torrential rains! Good poetry writing weather–though at first we lost power just for a second…so I grabbed the flashlights 🙂

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        • We haven’t had one for a long time–I’m just north of Seattle, WA. And I agree, about curling up with a book–I’m reading a good one now: The Minus Man, which was also a movie–have you seen it? Oh gosh, the movie is so compelling, about a mild-mannered serial killer played by Owen Wilson…the acting, and the murders are so understated, not the typical over-done violence and gore (he poisons people, and they just go to sleep). The book has more information. Are you more a bookworm, or do you enjoy movies too?

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          • I’m both. For example, I’m a Harry Potter fan like most of the world. I watched the first 3 movies before I picked up the books I purchased for my kids that they didn’t read until after the movies started coming out. I then read through Prisoner of Azkaban & impatiently waited in line for each book to come out. Then I saw the remaining movies the day the came out. Can you say…obsessed!


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