Today We Go (100WW)

100 Word Wednesday: Week 136

Image by Cyranny


In a black-white time, life shadowed by darkness of secrets that weighed days down like heavy storm clouds, he was sun’s heart—warm and brilliant-rayed.

Barré—handsome, gentle, with a delicious romantic accent.  Beguiled by books, he’d schooled himself on vast subjects, and told stories to take me away from confines of bleak bricks, silent despising eyes.

One morning I heard his bicycle (he always parked below my window) and the tune he whistled.  He’d brought me a bouquet of pink tea roses, and orange jelly-filled chocolates.  Smiling, yet earnest, he said, “Today is the day we go—no more this sad place”.

©Zael Sealing, 2019 ~ All rights reserved.

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