ABOUT ~ Things to Know from the Get-Go

To avoid misunderstandings and hurt feelings, this author, who’s a bit of a Curmudgeon-ette, has rules.  PLEASE NOTE:


This is primarily a POETRY blog (with shared quotations, and some music and humor, probably). 

If you are NOT interested in those things, and don’t have a similar blog of your own, PLEASE DO NOT FOLLOW ME or Like all my posts in hopes I’ll respond in kind.  I’m not desperate to accumulate stats, and I don’t care about “beauty”, “fashion”, “vegan cooking/nutrition/health”, “sewing”, “science”, “Dating”, “tabloid news/celeb” blogs—or “information on how to improve” my blog and life. 

During the past 8 years I’ve had numerous blogs, and I’ve enjoyed following people who have other artistic talents besides writing…photography, painting/drawing, interesting crafts, and some movie/book reviews.  So I’m not snubbing everyone who doesn’t write poetry, okay?


This blog is authored by a Bible Christian, doing my best to be a Christ-Follower.

Thus, many of my posts will be faith-based poetry, or include Bible verses and/or Christian music.  If your spiritual belief system is not the same, or you’re not interested in reading such posts, you’re welcome to avoid Following, Liking, Commenting.  I’m not an evangelist, not here to “convert” anyone to my beliefs; however, some of my comments may hopefully be encouragements from my particular faith experience. 

I will not argue doctrine/religion with anyone, and I’m committed to maintaining my genuine/authentic identity which includes my Christian faith. So, if you’re going to be uncomfortable with me saying something that sounds “Christian” in your comment boxes…you need to let me know from the get-go, and I’ll steer clear of commenting on your posts.

We all want to get along and have good blogging experiences, and this requires clear communication in comment boxes…which can be tricky.  Most of us who describe ourselves as “open minded” still have limits and boundaries; that is our right, and quite acceptable.  We’re free to believe as we will, but we need to be considerate in our sharing.  The world is in such turmoil, and perhaps we can live together in unity of peace…even if we don’t agree with every dot and tittle.  It just takes some effort and communication, patience and humor.


I DO NOT participate in blog awards, due to time and health limitations.  I also do not have a Contact page, and am unable to correspond by email.  If I use photos, they are from free sites such as Pixabay.com.  This is a free WP blog, so there are likely to be annoying ads…I do not endorse, promote, support, subscribe to any products or services.

I hope I’ve said all this in a nice manner, as that is my heart’s best intention.  I would like to be able to keep this blog for the time remaining to me, and not have to abandon it due to issues with other good people.  The following quotation says it well:

“We may not always see eye to eye, but we can try to see heart to heart.”♥

~ Sam Levenson

(I will update this Page as needed.)

©Zael Sealing, 2019 ~ All rights reserved.


14 thoughts on “ABOUT ~ Things to Know from the Get-Go

  1. Zael, I love everything you said and I agree wholeheartedly! I love your transparency and honesty that you stated so beautifully my brother! I too struggle with disease (autoimmune). My heart is with you! ❤ Sweet Blessings, Deborah


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